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The Miami Jazz Cooperative, Inc. (MJC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization the mission of which is to establish and operate a dedicated jazz facility in Miami-Dade County, Florida, for the mutual benefit of jazz students, jazz musicians, and their audience.  To this end, the MJC is committed to supporting the appreciation of jazz in the South Florida community through education and outreach.


MJC News

Jazz in the Gables will begin its 2015 season on January 14.

MJC's famous Rent Parties - every Monday night at 8 PM at OpenStageClub on Galiano Street in Coral Gables





The Founders and Musician Members of the Miami Jazz Cooperative
are the strength of the organization just as they are the backbone
of the South Florida jazz community.

We are honored to have the support
of these distinguished firms.

Brenda Alford
Troy Anderson
Carlomagno Araya
Martin Bejerano
Ed Bell
Chuck Bergeron
Chad Bernstein
Edward Blanco
Matt Bonelli
Noah Brandmark
Dr. Hank Bredenberg
Mike Brignola
Richard Brookens
Danny Burger
Dr. Ed Calle
Gary Campbell
Valerio Cantori
Jason Carder
Jeff Carswell
Ramón Casales
Anthony Casamassima
Dolph Castellano
Jack Ciano
Don Coffman
Mike Cohen
Frank Consola
Mel Dancy
Julie Davis-Dow
Frank Derrick
Greg Diaz
Rick Doll
Randall Dollahon
Joe Donato
Kelly Dow
David Drubin
Judi Dubowsky
Randy Emerick
Alberto Fernandez
David Fernandez
Tracy Fields
Sammy Figueroa

Gary Firstenberg

Jerry Fischer
Jim Gasior
John Georgini
Pablo Gil
Michael Gillis
Felix Gomez
Robert Grabowski
Paul Green
Al Greenstein
Sam Gunning
Augie Haas
Jim Hacker
Jason Hainsworth
Martin Hand
Andy Harlow
Rick Harris
Mark Hart
Bobbi Headder
Charlie Headder
Devon Heinrichs
Michael Horbal
Jesse Jones, Jr.
Rick Katz
Gary Keller
Larry Lapin
Michael Levine
Gary Lindsay
Dr. Lisanne Lyons
Billy Marcus
Jerry Marshall
Turk Mauro
Rose Max
Gary Mayone
Tom McCormick
James McCoy
Mari Mennel-Bell
Othello Molineaux
Silvano Monasterios
Ramatis Moraes
Teddy Mulet
Brian Murphy
Debbie Orta
Mike Orta

Nicky Orta
Dr. Jamie Ousley
Dana Paul
Wendy Pedersen
Maggie Pelleyá
Sandy Poltarack
Valeria Proa
Maria Rivas
Frank Rivera
Troy Roberts
Bobby Rodriguez
Larry Rosen
Billy Ross
Steve Rucker
Gabriel Saientz
Manny Salas
Oscar Salas
Kai Sanchez
Jaui Schneider
Pauk Shewchuk
David Siegel
Jack Siegel
Lenny Steinberg
Scott Whitney
Michael Valentine
China "The Mahj" Valles
Nicole Yarling
Rodolfo Zuniga

Musician Members (application)

Josh Allen
Roxana Amed
Lindsey Blair
Dave Chiverton
Tito Cruz
Paulette Dozier
Hana Dolgin
Manny Echazabel
Eric England

Max Farber
Juanita-Marie Franklin
Kelly Garner
Nicole Henry
Kathleen Hollingsworth
Scott Klarman
Aaron Lebos
Felipe Lamoglia
Orlando Machado
Sherrine Mostin
Nomar Negroni
Abel Pabón
Michael Piolet
Kate Reid
Lenard Rutledge
Richard Sprince
Daniel Strange
Daniel Susnjar
Gary Thomas


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